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Founder and Vice Chair

In 2015, Cliff established OG’s Against Violence. He is the founder and became the Vice Chair when OGAV became a 501(c)(3) organization. His mission has always been to reduce violence in our community.  To this day he continues to walk through neighborhoods where violence has occurred. On his walks he stops to talk to the young men and women he sees about conflict resolution strategies and the problem of violence. He attends vigils and memorials for violence victims, giving a calming presence. He continues to visit schools, youth programs, and attends events as a speaker to tell his story and talk about advocacy against violence. 

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Mike’s commitment to OG’s Against Violence was evident when first met Cliff Ryan during his campaign for Sheriff.  Mike was inspired by Cliff’s dedication and devotion to save lives from senseless violence. Cliff’s direct approach to curb violence is the key to the organization’s success. The focus is on the interaction with the community to make a difference. We always say that we can change the world, one person at a time. Violence is a human problem that takes a community from all walks of life to disrupt.  Mike is currently serving our nation in uniform in Washington, DC, and his 30 years of government service brings executive expertise to combat violence to his adopted hometown.  




John is a resident of Syracuse working as the treasurer on The Board of OG’s Against Violence. He began marching with the organization in 2017. He is passionate about supporting the organization’s growth and outreach. Outside of OG’s John attends All Saints Roman Catholic Church and enjoys the hobby of running throughout the neighborhoods of Syracuse.



Budget Director

Dave is an old, white male who is trying to understand in a more truthful and life-giving manner our white supremacy systems and his own white privilege. Dave is a past president of the Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse (ACTS), a practicing Roman Catholic, and a retired environmental engineer who has worked for social justice for over 40 years.  Dave lives in Clay with his wonderful wife, Marge.

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Catherine joined the Board in 2020 to give back to the community she loves and to do what she can to help curb violence in Central  New York. From the moment she met Cliff Ryan in 2018, she knew he and OG’s Against Violence were making a real and tangible difference in our community. Catherine is married to Mike and they have a daughter, Makayla, and a son, Matt.

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