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"When I talk with school children in Syracuse, their biggest fear is gun violence. Too many families in our city are grieving; too many young people are living with trauma. Cliff Ryan and O.G.’s Against Violence are interrupting the violence and offering hope. I have marched with them many times and seen how they lift up young people and show them the path of courage and self-respect. Please support this life-giving work and help Cliff and his allies change our community for the better."

              ~ New York State Senator Rachel May

"You are the great leader inspiration king"

            ~ Keyz Howard


"Absolutely empowering Never stop doing what you are doing!  BLM"

                ~ Geraldine Hammond


"so proud of u u r an amazing person, leader & group ...#GODblessyouearthangel"

                ~ Threeonefive Garden

"Absolutely  so proud of y'all. This is apart of history.thanks for representing the 315"

                ~ Angela Hayes

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